Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Dental Studio is proud to utilize the latest technology so that we can enhance the oral healthcare we provide our community. Like other areas of healthcare, technology has greatly helped dentists improve the likelihood of detecting conditions as early as possible along with improving the accuracy of diagnoses and treatment protocols. Our practice has invested in state-of-the-art technology such as same-day crown production, high-resolution diagnostic imaging and soft tissue lasers. The following is some helpful information on the technology we use.

In Office CEREC Crowns

In most cases, crowns are fabricated in dental laboratories. The process of fabricating a crown in a laboratory can take weeks. Fortunately, Dental Studio offers an alternative to conventional crown production by using CEREC technology. CEREC, involves CAD/CAM technology (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing), which allows our team to produce a crown in the practice.

To produce an in office CEREC crown, the tooth will be prepared and then the specifications for the restoration will be developed with advanced computer software based on images we take. After the specifications for the dimensions of the crown are ready, it will be fabricated from high-quality ceramic blocks. CEREC crowns not only provide convenience by their quick fabrication, they are natural looking, tooth-colored restorations.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Lasers are useful in many clinical situations. From ophthalmology to dentistry, lasers can be used to reduce invasiveness, clean infected tissue and seal open tissue without sutures. In dentistry, soft tissue lasers are used on the gingiva for cosmetic purposes and for treating periodontal disease. When gum tissue develops too far over the crowns of teeth and affects the proportion of one’s smile, a laser can gently contour and shape the gum line to expose more of the crowns of teeth. Alternatively, lasers are also used to manage periodontal disease. A soft-tissue laser with fibers can be used to access the deepest parts of the gingiva to clean away infected and necrotized tissue. Sometimes, laser therapy will be used in conjunction with standard periodontal therapy called scaling and root planing.

Digital Radiography

Digital X-rays are useful for a number of reasons. Instead of relying on radiographic film, the X-ray’s sensor will upload the captured image to a high-resolution digital monitor or television. From this point, our team can use features like zoom to focus on areas of interest or display the images to patients so that diagnoses and treatment discussions are accompanied by a visual aid. Since the images captured by the X-ray are digital, we can easily share records when working with specialists such as oral surgeons or orthodontists. Digitized records are also environmentally friendly since radiographic film takes up physical space.

3D Diagnostic Imaging

Three-dimensional images provide a more detailed and comprehensive view of structures within in the oral cavity. When it comes to diagnosing certain conditions or planning extensive treatment, 3D images are incredibly useful. Three-dimensional images can be used to diagnose conditions like bone deterioration. Our practice may use these images for planning treatment like placing of dental implants, removing diseased teeth, and performing full-mouth rehabilitation.


Diagnodent is a diagnostic tool used to detect dental caries (cavities). This technology is effective at detecting tooth decay in its earliest stages and along hard to assess areas like the pits and grooves on the biting surfaces of teeth. Diagnodent is non-invasive. It produces a scan of teeth using laser fluorescence. This scan measures the density of a tooth’s external structure and when abnormalities are detected, it will alert our team with a beeping sound. Since Diagnodent can detect early stage tooth decay, patients can receive very conservative treatment that leaves as much tooth structure as possible intact. This technology also allows us to evaluate the health of teeth without prodding or scraping tooth structure with sharp instruments.

Dental Studio is equipped to provide thorough and effective treatment for an array of oral health conditions. We aim to prevent the progression of oral disease by using the latest technology. With early detection, we can provide as conservative treatment as possible to save our patients’ time and money. Technology also helps our staff plan complex and extensive treatment that is customized for the unique needs of each of our patients.

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