Receiving orthodontic treatment is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your oral health. Even if you have previously worn braces or if you are an adult who has never had orthodontic care before, aligning your teeth is beneficial to your oral health and self-confidence. Many of our patients at Dental Studio who have worn braces or need braces are adults. For those in need of orthodontia, we offer Clear Correct. The Clear Correct system is an alternative to conventional braces that effectively aligns teeth to healthier positions without compromising a person’s comfort or appearance during treatment.

How Clear Correct Works

Clear Correct works by utilizing a system of progressively tighter oral appliances called aligners. A set of aligners is worn for roughly three weeks until it is exchanged for a tighter set. Every aligner is custom made for an individual so that it fits over the teeth and in the mouth properly. As teeth move, every set of aligners is tighter to accommodate tooth movement and facilitate new movement by applying consistent but gentle pressure to teeth. Clear Correct generates force and pressure to move teeth without fixed appliances like brackets and wires.

Why Choose Clear Correct

Clear Correct orthodontics carrollton texasThe Clear Correct system is unique when compared to conventional braces, and its unique features offer many benefits to patients. Since the construction of aligners is clear plastic, this treatment method is very inconspicuous. Instead of obvious metal apparatuses like brackets and wires, people simply wear clear aligners as they would a retainer. Like a retainer, Clear Correct is removable. This provides an obstruction-free way to enjoy meals and perform oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. The material used to make aligners is advantageous for one’s comfort, too. Clear Correct aligners will not cut or scrape soft tissue like lips and the linings of cheeks.

Scheduling an Orthodontic Consultation

If you have been dreaming of a straighter smile, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with our team at Dental Studio. We work with adults and teens in need of orthodontic treatment. Clear Correct can help align teeth to healthier and straighter positions and can also improve the occlusion (bite). While Clear Correct is beneficial to many people, a consultation will give us a chance to determine if a patient is right for this treatment method.

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What Is Clear Correct and How Does It Work?
Clear Correct is an orthodontic system that serves as an alternative to conventional fixed orthodontic appliances. Instead of relying on brackets bonded to teeth and fixed wires to move teeth, Clear Correct facilitates tooth movement by removable oral appliances called aligners. Aligners are made from clear plastic and because they are made specifically for the patient, they fit tightly enough to generate consistent pressure that moves teeth over time. Every few weeks, a new set of aligners is worn. Each set is tighter than the one before. As teeth slowly move into place, patients will see a reduction in the appearance of gaps and crooked teeth.
Is Clear Correct right for me?
Most patients who benefit from Clear Correct are adults or teens. If you are looking for an alternative to uncomfortable or obvious orthodontia, Clear Correct may be a great treatment option. Clear Correct can improve the positioning of teeth for people who have spacing issues like crowding, gaps, and overlapped teeth. This orthodontic system can also mitigate the appearance of occlusal issues like overbites, underbites, and open bites. While Clear Correct is great for many people, it is best to consult with a dentist to determine if this treatment option is best for you. Call Dental Studio today to reserve a consultation with our team.
Clear Correct vs Braces?
While both types of orthodontic treatments straighten smiles, there are differences between Clear Correct and braces when one considers the types of materials each system uses as well as how each system facilitates tooth movement. Braces consists of fixed orthodontic appliances. This means that braces involve brackets that are cemented over teeth and wires that loop through them. Brackets can be made from metal, plastic, and ceramic while wires are normally metal. Clear Correct, on the other hand, is not fixed - it is removable. It consists of oral appliances that resemble a retainer and are made entirely of plastic.
What are the advantages of clear aligners?
Clear Correct aligners present unique benefits to patients in need of orthodontic care. First, the plastic construction of aligners means that they are comfortable. The plastic used to fabricate an aligner will not scrape or cut soft tissue like the insides of lips and cheeks. Clear Correct is clear, too. This means that treatment is very discreet, often unnoticeable to others. Lastly, aligners are removable. Patients will wear aligners all day and night, except for when they are eating or need to clean their teeth. The fact that aligners are removable allows people to eat food and brush/floss their teeth without difficulty.