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At Dental Studio of Carrollton, Dentistry is Personal

You are more than our next appointment or a number on a patient file. You have a name, needs, and concerns of your own.

Personalized dentistry is more than a nice tagline, it reflects our team’s passion to really know and understand the people we serve in the greater Dallas area.

As one of the top-reviewed dentists in Carrollton, we are here to provide the best dentistry you’ve ever experienced. We promise you’ll feel at home in our beautiful office.

Dental Studio of Carrollton aims to provide optimal oral health to the people of Carrollton, TX. Our dental practice is led by a great team of doctors -- Dr. Sandhya Krishan and Dr. Robert Limosnero, and our talented staff. We believe in creating healthier communities by treating our patients with personalized dental care and spreading awareness about oral health.

Together, Dr. Sandhya Krishan and Dr. Robert Limosnero have built a Dental practice focused on offering the best in technology and patient care. At the Dental Studio of Carrollton, they have done exactly that, offering services that fix dental issues while also enlightening their patients about the root cause.

The office is equipped with advanced technology including a 3D cone-beam Galileos scanner, which allows Dental Studio of Carrollton to obtain 3D radiographic images of your jaws and facial structures. They also utilize digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, lasers, and the best whitening system available - Kor Whitening. In addition to regular checkups, they offer metal-free fillings, crowns, root canals, bridges, and dentures. To better serve you, they have an implant and gum specialist. They also offer clear aligners for those that may not want traditional braces.

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